CAGE contacts Syria returnees in Turkey and urges British amnesty

(London, UK) CAGE has contacted at least ten British fighters trapped in Turkey because of a fear of returning home. We urge the government to adjust its anti-terrorism legislation to allow them and others the right to return.

Nov 21, 2014 Editor Press Release
A Prisoner’s Best Friend

Abou Elkassim Britel was kidnapped in Pakistan in 2002. What followed was eight years of imprisonment and torture in Pakistan and Morocco. Struggling to recover, Britel, with the support of his wife Anna and a legal team from the University of North Carolina, is demanding an apology from the US government. CAGE asked him to write about his time in prison, and this is what he told us.

Nov 19, 2014 Abou Elkassim Britel Article
CAGE supports report's findings on singling out of Muslim charities

(LONDON, UK) CAGE supports the findings of the Claystone Report into the recent crackdown on UK charities, which has now taken the form of a draft protection of charities bill that empowers the Charity Commission to single out Muslim charities in the guise of combating “extremism”.

Nov 17, 2014 Editor Press Release
Proposed measures to deal with Syrian returnees are arbitrary and disproportional

Measures announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in Australia that will affect returnees from the conflict in Syria and Iraq have been branded as arbitrary and disproportional by rights group CAGE.

Nov 14, 2014 Editor Press Release
New CAGE report warns against classifying Muslim Brotherhood as 'terrorist'

[London, UK] CAGE has warned that moves by the British government to crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and all groups associated with it [1] will increase anti-British sentiment in the UK and around the world, as well as foster a culture of suspicion and polarisation.

Nov 12, 2014 Editor Press Release
UK Muslim groups take Schedule 7 Terror Law to the Supreme Court

(London, UK) Controversial anti-terrorism powers which are being widely used to harass and gather intelligence on Muslims travelling to and from the UK are being challenged by several human rights organisations in a case to be heard by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Nov 11, 2014 Editor Press Release
NGO joint letter to the ISC on the detainee inquiry

A number of NGO's including CAGE, Amnesty International, Reprieve, Freedom from Torture, Justice, REDRESS, The Aire Centre, Rights Watch UK and Liberty have written this joint letter to the Intelligence and Security Committee...

Nov 08, 2014 Editor Article
12 crucial questions that need to be answered about Moazzam Begg's case

Naila Abdel-Khalek and Jules Martin of CAGE's Legal Committee address many of the crucial questions that have to be asked in the case of Moazzam Begg. He was arrested and detained for 7 months on terrorism charges relating to ...

Nov 05, 2014 Naila Abdel-Khalek and Jules Martin Article

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