The prisoner and Qur'an: adding beauty to the darkness

This piece was written by Tarek Mehanna, currently detained in Marion CMU after being convicted of conspiracy and giving material support to terrorism. The American Civil Liberties Union has said that the verdict against him "undermines" free speech. Here, he discusses the beauty Allah has placed in the world around us as signs for those who reflect, and the beauty placed in the Qur'an and its recitation, as a way of illuminating and adding beauty to the darkness of prison.

Mar 25, 2015 Tarek Mehanna Article
What About Diego? What the Torture Report Missed

Alyssa Röhricht is an MA candidate who has been working with the Chagos Refugee Group in order to research and raise awareness about the ongoing plight of the Chagossian people. These people are the indigenous people who were exiled from their land, the Chagos Archipelago, in order to make room for the US military base there. In this piece she examines how the acts of torture, go far beyond just those perpetrated as part of the WoT but also against the Chaogassians too in their displacement.

Mar 24, 2015 Alyssa Röhricht Article

On Friday 13 March at 8pm, CAGE supporters organised a twitter storm in order to show solidarity with our organisation with the hashtag #IAmCAGE.

Mar 19, 2015 Editor Article
Messages of support amid irrational vilification

Following the reports last week by the Washington Post declaring the identity of "Jihadi John" as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi, CAGE issued statements regarding his case. In the interactions he had with CAGE it details the harassment he endured at the hands of security services. CAGE called for accountability for their actions, stating they cannot continue to operate without impunity. Despite the vilification leveled at CAGE, messages of support were received...

Mar 19, 2015 Editor Article
Why CAGE is calling for accountability

CAGE has recently, and again, called for accountability of the security services, the call arose out of the case of Mohammed Emwazi who was harassed by the security services. As a result of this, CAGE came under attack from media and Parliamentarians.

Mar 18, 2015 Editor Article
Creating obedience in the War on Terror

Phillip Zimbardo, stated that there are principles in creating obedience, the importance of a legitimate-sounding cover story, a legitimate-seeming authority figure, rules that are vague enough that they are hard to understand or remember and you need a model of compliance that, ironically enough, allows room for dissent. CAGE have applied these "steps" in creating obedience to the War on Terror in this infographic...

Mar 17, 2015 Editor Article
Is the UK subcontracting criminal justice to the US?

In this piece, Fahad Ansari examines the use of the UK US Extradition Treaty 2003 in securing convictions against British citizens in the US when in more than one instance the CPS in the UK have deemed insufficient evidence for a prosecution to be brought. Despite the seeming disregard for principles of due process and the rule of law, the House of Lords Select Committee didn't find anything particularly problematic with the Treaty...

Mar 16, 2015 Fahad Ansari Article
British press resort to fabrication in an attempt to smear CAGE

The vitriol and ferocity of the attacks on a minuscule organisation like ourselves should beg more questions of the attackers rather than the victims.

Mar 15, 2015 Editor Press Release

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