Infographic: The reality of terrorism in Europe

CAGE has produced the following infographic based on statistics extracted from the 2015 European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report produced by Europol, which shows that the reality is far from the government’s scaremongering rhetoric.

Oct 05, 2015 Editor Article
Four facts on Counter-terrorism the Home office won't tell you about

The police have recently announced that they conducted 299 terrorism-related arrests last year, the highest number since officials began collecting data in September 2001. Here, CAGE analyses the statistics and how it indicates the failures of counter-terrorism in the UK.

Oct 05, 2015 Editor Article
CAGE responds to political posturing by NUS President

(London, UK) - CAGE refutes the assertion by NUS President Megan Dunn that we are incompatible with NUS policies on anti-racism, anti-fascism and anti-semitism, and is pleased that she does not represent the majority campus opinion.

Oct 03, 2015 Editor Press Release
Namazie should speak, but so should Muslims: CAGE

LONDON – Free speech is a principle which ensures the free and dignified exchange of ideas, whilst fulfilling the indispensable function of holding executive power to account. Noting the implications of making inciting statements against a minority in an era of widespread, structural anti-Muslim sentiment, CAGE supports the right for the Warwick University Student Union to host an “inflammatory” external speaker, under the principle of free speech without hateful, defamatory or insulting speech

Oct 01, 2015 Editor Press Release
CAGE releases exclusive video interview with student accused of terrorism

London - CAGE today releases an exclusive interview with Mohammed Umar Farooq, the Master’s student in Terrorism, Crime and Global Security who was accused of terrorism at Staffordshire University. CAGE is also publishing the University’s letter of apology to him.

Sep 29, 2015 Editor Press Release
CAGE welcomes the release of Shaker Aamer

CAGE welcomes the release of Shaker Aamer after nearly 14 years at Guantanamo Bay.

Sep 25, 2015 Editor Article
CAGE welcomes Abdul Rahman Al-Shalabi release from Guantanamo Bay

CAGE welcomes the release of Abdul Rahman al Shalabi after serving 14 years at Guantanamo Bay.

Sep 23, 2015 Editor Article
CAGE welcomes Younis Chekkouri release from Guantanamo

CAGE welcomes the release of Younis Chekkouri after serving 13 years at Guantanamo Bay after being captured in Afghanistan.

Sep 17, 2015 Editor Article

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